Daemon Parallel

Worlds collide. Promises broken.

Cameron's father is dead and his inheritance is... unusual.

He has the power to world-shift: travel between the Human and Daemon dimensions an the Parallel - a realm where the two worlds meet.

Between battling daemons and allying with werewolves, Cameron's new life is already pretty complicated - but things are about to get even more dangerous...

Written by ROY GILL





 Reviews of the print edition...

‘Heady, wonderful stuff… Edinburgh is conjured brilliantly and beautifully here, and we can really believe in it as a place suffused by magic… I adored this novel. I really, really want it to be the first in a sequence. I want it to be a boxed set of novels that are just about falling apart with repeated rereadings. That’s how much I enjoyed this first one.’ – Paul Magrs (Brenda and Effie; Iris Wildthyme; Doctor Who)

‘If you like urban fantasy stories that don’t take themselves too seriously, that have you giggling almost at every chapter, that have interesting characters, a plot that doesn’t revolve around saving the world, and all of this set in the capital of Scotland, then I recommend this book hands down…’ - Robert H Bianchini, Deviantart blog

‘[I] really wish I’d had this book when I was thirteen or fourteen, because as much as I loved it now, I’d have really really loved it then.’ – Matt Cresswell (writer/editor Glitterwolf magazine)

‘This impressive debut novel has just the right blend of action, mystery, adventure, magic, supernatural, humour and character development.’ – Boys Do Read blog

‘This book has everything from quick fire humour, which really makes you chuckle, to some fantastic action sequences, which are really well written … ‘ – Vincent Ripley, Mr Ripley’s Enchanted Books (Mr Ripley’s Favourite Reads of 2012)

‘The Daemon Parallel is a fast-paced and exciting read, focusing on Cameron’s quest to bring his dead father back to life… We would heartily recommend [it] to anyone who enjoys a light-hearted and exciting adventure story with magical elements: with its clever plot, realistic characters and unique setting, it is one of those ‘just one more chapter’ titles which will keep readers gripped to its action-packed climax.’ – Edinburgh Spotlight

‘It is probably the best written book by a new author that I’ve read in a while… Roy Gill has teenage banter to a T and the book is a highly entertaining read. Please let there be more from Roy Gill, whether underground, overground or parallel’ – Suse Coon, Lothian Life

‘With more twists and turns than a basilisk, and a truly exciting ending that kept me on the edge of my seat…’ -Krissie West, kidsreadbooks blog

‘Roy Gill’s first novel reminds me of the work of the great Diana Wynne-Jones…  there is a wonderful, intriguing world to be explored here.’- Nick Campbell, a pile of leaves blog

‘[Cameron] has to wrestle not only with talking spiders who manifest themselves in velvet curtains, but also the big question – is it right to bring someone back from the dead? However much you love them? [He's] principled, capable, and brave, but also convincingly a teenage boy – impulsive, reckless, and unlikely to take sensible well-meaning advice from anyone. He’s a great creation.”- Lari Don (First Aid for Fairies and other Fabled Beasts; Mind Blind)

‘… an action adventure, full of magic and danger and werewolves, but it’s also the story of a boy’s soul, and his struggles to tell friend from foe in a world that’s difficult to decipher … one of the best books I’ve read in a long time.’ – Daniela Sacerdoti (Watch Over Me; Sarah Midnight: Trilogy; Really Weird Removals)

‘…a werewolf/daemon fantasy with a difference, set in Edinburgh…’ – The Bookwitch

‘An action-packed story with mysteries round every corner… well written, descriptive, humourous, unusual and mysterious. It pulls you in from the very first page.’ – Charlotte Kinnear, Teen Titles.



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